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Posted by AeroPiro - September 15th, 2012

*Heads to Art Portal*
Will edit this when I get back.

Too lazy, yeah. Art, in portal. Cool. Checkitoutplease.

I'm going to go write some now. See ya.

Posted by AeroPiro - March 19th, 2012

Well, maybe. Haha. I've been vastly improving with the tablet, at least. That much is apparent.

It's a shame that these take up to two hours to draw, excluding color. @_@

Here's a sample of an incomplete one. :D

[OLD] I CAN Draw!

Posted by AeroPiro - March 17th, 2012

I believe I'm doing this here blog more for myself than anything else. Since well, I'd like to be able to look back when I'm finished and see where I once was.

Anyways, the crushing news of my inability to attend Basic Training came the other day, Thursday in fact. I was heartbroken for a bit, but I'll manage.

Anyways, I've been working on the backgrounds for Gaijin Kei. I've been finding images and tracing over them, adding some things of my own here and there, and even taking pictures of my own. In this way, I'll be able to practice with my tablet as well as my drawing abilities. The two hours of squinting at tiny lines before coloring over everything, though, is horrendous.

That's about it for today. Hell yeah it's SATURDAY!
Time to go script. :3

[OLD] Tracing's a female dog.

Posted by AeroPiro - March 14th, 2012

Hey there Newgrounds. I'm sorry.
*Bows Apologetically*
I've been neglecting you, despite using your wonderful website for watching innumerable flash movies as well as listening to quality audio by the thousands of talented artists.

But I've returned (with a new account since I've long forgotten my old credentials....) to you.
I guess it's because this is Newgrounds. Where all artists gather.
Even myself, though only sixteen, I am an artist.
It must be this reason, why I am compelled to linger here.

Anyways, seeing as how this is my first post, I should probably introduce myself.
I am an aspiring <Fill in Creative Career Path Here>, soon to be joining the US Army this summer as a Reservist.
I am sixteen years old, having hung around Newgrounds since around half that. My residency is currently in Georgia.
I film, edit, program, script, draw, doodle, think, breathe, poop, etc.

Currently, I am working on a small project using the free Visual Novel coding and scripting software: Ren'py.
Purely experimental in its nature, if (with all my hopes and desires) it is successful, I will continue with an even larger and grander project; much more extravagant and bolder than the first.

I am co-creating it with my friend and fellow artist, Meg. Our avatars are ESMO and ESME: the Ever So Mystical Onigiri, and the ESMEnchilada.

I wish to have more artists, but in a way, this is a great way to hone my skills, especially with a Wacom tablet that I've clung to for around three years now.

As far as roles go, I am the writer and scripter, as well as artist for backgrounds (architecture is my specialty).
Meg is the lead motivator, fellow writer, and artist.
We have yet to acquire an aspiring musician to add their art to our work. T_T
I am hoping to ask Reasoner from the AP to allow me to use some of his songs. I've been keeping up with his music since 2008, and he is an amazing composer/musician.
From his intricate and inspiring piano pieces to his upbeat trance works; I love it all.

Anyways, the project is named Gaijin Kei, which, interpreted roughly, can translate to many things. But what I hope it will be most recognized as is "Foreign Blessing." It was started on leap year day, February 29, 2012.
The player has a choice of gender. The game consists of three heros/heroines per play.

From the guy's (Alex) plot: Your mom has just been relocated by the Army, and you are now moving to Japan after having lived in Georgia, USA for 17 years.

The girl's (Megan): Your father is a computer specialist/technician who works for a company that contracts out to the Military, and is currently stationed to Japan a week prior to Alex's arrival.

Alex and Megan used to attend school together two years before, and are fortunate enough to be re-united after both being separated when Megan moves to Alabama, and further to Japan, a week before the story's beginning.

So that's the jist of it. It's just to see how it goes. To see how well it's received. To see if it's even possible since... well, life will be busy in the next few months; up until the next few years, actually.

I have no clue what I was thinking, when I was little. "Grow up."? Maybe I said it in ignorance. Because.. suddenly, life seems to be going so much faster. In fact, I am to take the SAT soon. And then Basic Training during summer. Then my 12th grade year.

It's interesting. Amazing, really. I still find it a bit daunting, however, when kids talk about 'five years ago,' and I think they're talking about 2000, instead of 2007.

Call it maturity, maybe. Nonetheless, this has been my introduction.
I wish to get along well here at Newgrounds with everyone.
I wish my project well, as well.
But, as some say, talking about a work in progress may bring about bad luck.
But it's okay if we keep a secret right?


[OLD] An Untimely Whim, or a Long-Term Investment?